Trade show banners frequently are situated at the entrance of an exhibit booth to get people interested in and inquiring about your business. They’re ideal for retail stores, sports locations, concert halls, and more.

A Gorgeous Trade Show Setup

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Pro Tip: According to Displays2Go, “trade show banner stands are designed to be lightweight, portable and easy to assemble. Each banner stand is compact for transportation, but provides you with a large area to display graphics, logos, and other images. Trade show banner stands are useful for a variety of applications and functions. They can be placed anywhere you’d like, and require very little floor space. Trade show banner stands, also known as graphics displays, can be placed at the entrance of an exhibit booth to entice people to inquire about your business.”

If you want to buy some for an upcoming tradeshow, you can design your own or use a template.

BannerBuzz Styles

We’ve highlighted some of BannerBuzz’s most popular templates below. There are lots of other templates besides these- and remember you can design your own.

Customer Reviews

  • One buyer said that getting quality banners from BannerBuzz was absurdly easy. The one thing is the style and design part of it. They knew somebody that had Adobe Illustrator and they really helped them with the design. Though BannerBuzz does have a functional drag-and-drop builder. The rest was a breeze, and low-cost!
  • A reviewer said that the banners that they ordered will be hanging in batting cages in a number of states and on our tent when they do industry events. They look excellent and also help us be noticeable!
  • Another buyer said that they were up against a timeline and was getting worried about getting their banner soon enough. The price was really competitive and the customer support was superb. They somehow went about getting my banner to them in 4 days They say that they ordered one almost one third the size in the neighborhood for the same price and it took them about the same time, perhaps a day longer!

Buying Guide

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So you want to participate in a trade show but you’re wondering how you are going to have the banner designed. No more worries. In this case, you can opt to have your long term banner or have a new one designed for the event. You might be thinking of having a design for you, but then you out to have some clue of what to expect and consider in making your order. Here are some few factors:

  • The size: When planning for a trade show, you must know the space you have. In most cases, you will have to pay for your space. If this is the case, ensure that you get a banner that is not too small to be recognized. Let it be visible and readable from afar. This does not mean that you go for something too big that cannot fit the available space. There is no need to come up with a large banner then lack a space to hang it. Remember that it is the banner that will help in identifying your company and even make it outstanding. Therefore, you should ensure that the size is not too small.
  • The color: The color of the banner matters if you want your banner to attract customers. If your brand is known for a given color, ensure that that color comes out. Let someone who knows about your brand color have an easy time to get you. Color speaks a lot about your brand. It does not add up to use a black color when your brand is known for some yellow color. Some clients do not have time to read through your banner. It is the color that makes you stand out. Many times I have found myself trusting the wrong firm for services just because they used a color that I was familiar with. If a different person is designing the banner, make it clear the general color you have to use.
  • The fabric: Additionally, the material you use should be waterproof and of high quality. During the show, anything can happen, and it ends up raining. This, however, does not stop the event. Your banner should be waterproof so that you don’t end up removing it due to rain or having the writing washed away. Well, this should be the worst mistake you should make to your company. It will show that you are incredible, and probably there is nobody that will trust your brand and products for that matter. The quality of the fabric also matters a lot. Do not go for a paper banner if you have an outdoor trade show. These can only work with the indoor exhibits. You could go ahead but laminate them, which will be a bit costly.
  • The price: The price also matters when it comes to trade show banners. Well, the show might be competitive, but that does not mean that you should drain your account in making the banner. Many designers are willing to work for you, even at lower prices. Therefore, do not rush over to get any available designer for you. Take your time and compare the prices. The secret is that if you contacted small scale designers and printers, they would do for you some good work at affordable prices. If you go for the high-class designers, you might have to pay for the brand. Therefore, as long as a designer is willing to do you some good work, do not dwell on the low prices. Remember, the trade show never lasts for a whole year. The maximum it takes in most cases is two weeks.

BestOfSigns Styles

Trade Show Banners bestofsigns

How To Design Your Own

You always want to make your brand come out better than any other brand. Amid several other brands participating in the show, you should have a reason to outstand in any event. In most cases, several brands would be represented for whichever theme of the show. In some instances, your competitors will as well gather for the show. This means that you will have to be smart enough to look outstanding. One of the most excellent ways of doing it is coming up with trade show banners.

This is the most common question that one would want to ask. The trade show banners are simply those customized fabric or paper materials that contain the display of company information generally used in a trade show to indicate your position within the show. This means that if anyone is to look for your brand may be for a service or any other thing, he or she will identify you with the banner. In a trade show, there might be several banners meaning that one should be keen to have their banner customized in such a way that it will communicate all that you need through it about your company.

The banners can be placed in different ways to communicate about your company or organization. In most cases, they are hanged on a high position that can be noticed even from afar. Remember, in a trade show, there are several banners, and so you do not expect your customers to be looking for you. For instance, if you place it on lower ground, say by tying it on a tabletop, you will be practically limiting your ability to reach out to your customers. Well, if you are not interested in attracting new clients, you can have it hidden.

However, take note that as you hide it, you are most likely to hide from your current clients who will probably get attracted to some outstanding banner. You should never take that risk. Once you have known your place, ensure that the banner is strategically placed in such a way that it will point your brand out of the crowd.

BannerBuzz Highlight Reel

How to hang an outdoor banner?

In terms of hanging banners outside, you’ve got several different choices. You may use rope, bungees, carabiners or pear snap hooks, according to what you’re anchoring your banner to. If there’s absolutely nothing for you anchor your banner to, you should use an in-ground banner post sets to exhibit your vinyl banner outdoors.

How to make an outdoor banner stand

While the majority of individuals will try to connect the banner to a pre-existing framework using rope or string, it is simple to create a banner stand employing PVC piping. Keep in mind that when attached, the stand and banner will essentially produce a “sail” so you’ll have to secure the banner down or weigh it down. (Read more for complete instructions)


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