For a business to be able to capture the attention of potential clients, there is a need for creative advertising. One of the most efficient, cost-effective, and easy to use advertising method is through magnetic signs. Within no time, you can easily transform your vehicle into a creative advertisement, which will effectively sell your service and brand wherever you park or drive.

A Handsome Example

car magnet marketing example

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A useful magnetic sign will allow you to spread important information regarding the business do, with a catchy call to action statements. Clients will find it easy to contact you as you display all your relevant contact information on your vehicle through the sign. According to website (Source), you will also strengthen the brand of your business, and also assert your professional image to your clients.

We’ve highlighted some of the most popular magnetic sign templates below from BannerBuzz and BestOfSigns. Remember, there are lots of other templates and size dimensions to choose from besides the ones you see below.

BannerBuzz Styles

BannerBuzz Magnetic Car Sign Reviews

  1. One reviewer said that they ordered quite a bit from BannerBuzz for the business they’re starting and it all came out wonderfully. Even though shipping is costly if you don’t pass the $100 threshold, they’ll still be buying the rest of my decals from BannerBuzz to finish decaling their car for their business. The magnets are really good-looking and printed beautifully. They smelled hideous upon opening them up, but that’s not really anyone’s fault.
  2. One reviewer praised the product, saying the designs ended up looking fantastic on his van. They paid for express shipping and when it ended up showing up late- their customer service team refunded the shipping cost for this issue.
  3. Another reviewer said that they used the customized magnets to comply with Federal Motor Carrier laws. The door magnets make it fast and simple for them to comply when applicable.
  4. Another buyer said they love their car magnet. They said that they’ve always had a fabulous experience with all their orders and it’s more affordable to order online than locally in Hawaii, even with shipping. They recently bought a car magnet and the turnaround time is so fast from the time you make the order, preview a proof, and get it in the mail. They enthusiastically recommend BannerBuzz.

BestOfSigns Styles

BestOfSigns Reviews

  1. One reviewer was quite surprised to find that someone looked at their submission and made comments. One of the items on their purchase was a little fuzzy. As a result, BestOfSigns gave them the chance to upload a better copy, greatly improving the product. They purchased a pair of door magnetic signs and one for the tailgate.

How To Install A Magnetic Sign

More Details

They are materials enhanced with magnetic capabilities such that they can stick on various steel surfaces for varied reasons. The primary purpose of using these kinds of signs is for promotional needs, and they can also be used for decorative purposes. These signs are made of vinyl and have a magnetic backing. They are light in weight and flexible, thereby making them easy to use on many surfaces. You can find the signage in many different shapes and sizes, depending on the intended purpose.

You will find these kinds of signage used as vehicle promotional signage, coffee shops, and also as a refrigerator magnet. When used in vehicles, they are mainly sold in pairs for both sides of the vehicle’s doors, and they could be displaying logos, lettering, photos, or even graphics that are relevant to the business.

According to the FastSigns website, they are also beneficial for coffee shops. This is because they can be useful for their menu, which keeps changing regularly. It makes it easy to change promotions, pricing, as well as the menu for their clients.

These signs will also find their way into the refrigerator, where they have an essential assignment of holding photos, report cards, artwork, and all other creative ideas. These signs could also carry promotional information that is directed at marketing a particular business to targeted clients.

Buying Guide

  • Steel Surfaces: Clients who have purchased signs that have magnetic capabilities for their vehicles advise that anyone planning to buy the signs should ensure that their vehicles have a steel surface area that can stick magnetic materials. You can finally purchase the sign, only to be shocked that your vehicle is made of fiberglass or aluminum, which can not hold any magnetic material.
  • Use A Laminate: Clients should also consider using a laminate to prevent their display from fading, especially if the displayed information was printed digitally. Such a laminate should be great at protecting your sign from the wrath of the elements. A quality laminate should not be less than 2 millimeters in thickness, which will adequately protect the sign from fading.
  • Right Thickness: Clients should also ensure that they purchase the sign with the right thickness for assured longer use. It is better to use a 30-millimeter sheeting for vehicles as it is durable and practical.
  • Warranty: When purchasing a magnetic sign, it is wise to ensure that you can secure a warranty due to faults occasioned by, peeling, fading, or even cracking of your poster. This will give you the confidence you require in trusting a particular brand as opposed to the other.

Do Car Magnets Work?

Here’s an interesting perspective on the marketing efficacy of these car magnets:

Using With Cars

It is incredible to note the immense benefits of magnetic signs for cars. They are a popular way by which businesses can spread the word regarding their brand. Since the car will be moving around anyway, why not take advantage and use it as an advertising front. It is best when you place these signs on both sides of the car, particularly at the door.

Potential clients will look at your car and get to know the existence of your products or services. People will interact with your brand as your car moves around, and thereby translating into more sales for your services or products. Existing clients will also feel comfortable as your company feels more professional with its information openly displayed for everyone to see.

Using With Trucks

When planning in installing Magnetic signs for trucks, you need to consider the most visible parts of your truck. Just like with the car, the sides of the doors are a great place to have your signs. However, because the truck is very long, it would also be wise to place a sign at the tail end of the truck. This will make the sign visible by people approaching the truck from behind, considering a truck will have a large surface area at the back.

Trucks will traverse vast territories when delivering goods, which makes advertising on them a great idea. This way, one can reach a broad clientele base, who get to know the business and eventually translate into more sales. They will also serve as a way by which the company’s brand is entrenched in people’s minds, thereby ensuring return business.

Using With Doors

Getting the right magnetic signs for doors is key to ensuring successful marketing for your business. The door of your vehicle is best suited for placing this sign, mainly because of the positioning of the door, which has a wider viewing angle for potential clients. No one can miss the sign when placed on the door as opposed to other areas on your vehicle.

When placing the sign on your vehicle’s door, kindly ensure that you capture all the relevant information that clients will need to fall in love with your product or service. This should include the contact information that they can use to reach your business. Your company logo is also great at strengthening your brand.

Using With Vans

Apart from cars and trucks, magnetic signs for vans are also useful to market businesses effectively. Advertising on vans has excellent potential for generating impressive results for any business. You even have more space when it comes to putting up these kinds of signs on your van, mainly because you can place a large sign on the sides of its body.

According to the Signarama website, the beauty of using these kinds of signs is that you can easily remove them whenever you want. They aren’t permanent. You can easily remove them when you decide to clean your vehicle, thereby protecting them from getting damaged in the washing process. This is something that any business would want to invest in, mainly because of the immense benefits they will get. And only at a lowered cost, as compared to conventional advertising.


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