If you are looking to advertise your goods or services or aim to pass across a message to an audience, vinyl banners are one of the most effective ways to consider. Many Businessmen and companies use this type of signage to communicate messages such as promotions, sales, and events as well as make people know about their products.

This type of banners is relatively cheaper than others; hence, it is most preferred for use on larger scales. Furthermore, it is more durable, thus making it the most appropriate and cost-friendly for outdoor purposes.

We’ve highlighted some of the most popular fabric banner templates below from BannerBuzz and BestOfSigns. Remember, there are lots of other templates and size dimensions to choose from besides the ones you see below.

BannerBuzz Styles

Customer Reviews

  • One reviewer said that they ordered a pair of banners for their Film Festival Gala! So quick and so perfectly designed, they commented.
  • Another reviewer purchased a number of banners for an event using, in some instances, not the greatest artwork. But BannerBuzz made the pictures much better, developed attractive looking banners and had them shipped back to them in what felt like record-breaking speed. They, and those associated with the event were extremely pleased with the product and yes, they will make use of them again each year and will recommend Banner Buzz to other people.
  • This reviewer commented that they purchased a keepsake banner for two of their kids who were graduating athletes. They arrived looking amazing and were considerably less costly than our nearby companies.

BestOfSigns Styles

Customer Reviews

  • One reviewer said that they were So pleased with their banner and so happy about the service. They replied instantly to all my questions.
  • Another buyer said that a staff partner in a different state suggested Best of Signs to them and they were so pleased she did! Their banner showed up rapidly and looked lovely! Everybody was so delighted! And they were extremely pleased that it was so inexpensive but really added a bang to their event! They strongly suggest BestOfSigns and definitely will keep them in mind for any potential printing for their corporate office, as well!
  • Another buyer praised the excellent design tool- simple to use site and provided a number of various upgrades. They loved the end product & it looked amazing.
  • Another banner buyer said it was super easy to publish a banner and it came out wonderful. They did upgrade to 11oz- they weren’t sure that it would’ve been strong enough if they had not.

More Details

As you walk by your city or town, you are likely to see business or communication banners mounted in business premises and organizational buildings. Most of such outdoor signage is usually vinyl banners. Furthermore, you might come across them in trade shows, churches or any outdoor and indoor events. These banners are generally customized according to the needs of their users to have the desired effect.

Vinyl banners usually consist of several materials, scrim, which is a mixture of polyester and vinyl. Others can include a polymeric plasticizer as a softening agent.

Buying Guide

When choosing your custom vinyl banner, there are several things that you should put into consideration. Such could include the following (Source):

Banner Size: The size of your banner determines the readability of your message.

Furthermore, too large a size and mounting become a nightmare. A banner should have just the right size to fit your message and with a readability distance of your preferred distance. Any extra space on your banner that does not wield any message is unwarranted weight.

However, if your banner is seamed for maximum support, size should not be a limitation. For outdoor banners, the most recommended height is 4 feet with a maximum width of 12 feet while for indoor signage, the banner should occupy three-quarters of the available space.

Banner Design: Before getting your banner created, it is vital to have an artwork of the expected design. In designing your banner, you should focus on the following:

  1. Use high contrasting colors.
  2. It should have a maxim of three lines of text.
  3. For smaller designs, increase the resolution for more visibility.

Banner Specifications: For a custom vinyl banner, the specifications matter a lot. Things like- are weather conditions an issue? What supports are available? And where do you intend to place it? These factors influence:

  1. Banner thickness
  2. Single or double-sided
  3. Hems
  4. Grommets
  5. Wind slits
  6. Ropes
  7. Banner Suspension

This is a determination of how your banner will be mounted or hanged on the intended premises.

Advantages of Customization

This type of banners is preferred due to the following reasons (Source):


The reason why these banners are mostly used for outdoor signage is due to their durability. They are built to withstand adverse weather conditions. Their material is weather-proof hence resistant to water and sun damage. Furthermore, with their durability, they can be reused when need be in case of similarity of events. Such could be a cost-cutting engagement.


Print outs are usually digitally printed hence making them appealing due to eye-catching colors used. Furthermore, images and lettering are more vivid than in any other type of banner. Their attractiveness comes in handy to attract the attention of your intended audience.

How Easy Is It To Customize?

The vinyl banners can be customized with ease according to your specific needs. They can be modified to display any form of a concept that you have in mind. The ability to have total control over our signage makes it possible for you to present your intended message in the best way possible. Your company logo and colors cannot be compromised.


Their makeup material them highly versatile meaning you can move about to wherever you want. Moreover, you can reuse them more than once. They are also light in weight hence very portable.


This type of banner is not very expensive, making it a preferred brand for small business owners. Furthermore, the durability ensures you do not have to keep replacing them over short periods. Reusability also contributes to their affordability.

Easy to Install

You can quickly put up this type of banner on your own if it is not large. They can also be placed anywhere without any limitations.


Vinyl banners also have some flaws that may limit their effectiveness (Source):

They Can Get Old and Brittle

With time and adverse weather conditions, these banners eventually become old and brittle. This calls for a replacement since it significantly reduces their visibility and attractiveness altogether.


Due to exposure to the sun, the colors of such banners are bound to fade out. When they fade, the readability and visibility reduce. As such, they can no longer serve the intended purpose and can only be replaced.

They Can Only Be Rolled, Not Folded

When other types such as the fabric banner can be folded for portability, this type is limited to rolling. Such may make them harder to transport if they are enormous. Imagine how you would transport an 8 by 8 piece that is 8-foot long.

Susceptible to Creases

The vinyl material is vulnerable to creases and wrinkles. This may prevent you from pulling off a professional look in your presentation. Even worse, it can be really difficult to get the creases out since they cannot be ironed out.


Vinyl banners are a great choice if you intend to use them for outdoor purposes. However, they are not limited to outdoor and can be used indoor, especially if you are looking to cost-cut.

Nevertheless, your goal is what should define what type of banner you choose to use. If you are looking to display a professional look to your audience, there are better choices. The fabric banner is better. Moreover, your budget also determines your choice. If you do not intend to spend a lot in your campaign, vinyl banner are appropriate.


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