The entire world seems to have migrated to digital. There are so many new-fangled marketing solutions- from chatbots and LinkedIn advertising to influencer marketing and Google retargeting.

Tried and true methods often get left by the wayside. A beautifully designed and intelligently located banner can still do wonders for your business.

Maybe you’re buying it for a one-off tradeshow or installiing it outside your retail storefront. Whatever the case, we’re going to outline some common banner dimensions. Plus answer some frequently asked questions about banner sizing and designing.

Common Horizontal & Vertical Banner Sizes

You can see a visual depiction of common horizontal and vertical banner sizes. Remember, if you use a banner company like BannerBuzz or BestOfSigns, you can customize the banner dimensions to nearly any orientation.

Horizontal Orientation

common vinyl horizontal banner sizes for businesses advertising

Vertical Orientation

common vinyl horizontal banner sizes for businesses advertising

A clever banner is a cost-effective way to draw attention to your retail store, restaurant, shopping center storefront, or office. Banner advertising has been used throughout history as one of the most popular advertising methods for most major industries. Simply drape the banner over the facade of your business exterior or interior wall. They are easy to make and quick to deploy.

But selecting the correct size banner is critical to how successful it will be. The banner size ultimately depends on the purpose, and the look and feel you are trying to achieve. The following is a comprehensive list of questions and answers that will go a long way in helping you select the right size banner for your business:

Q: Is there a standard size for outdoor banners?



A: Not really. Banner sizes depend largely on the amount of content you want to put on it, and where you want to put it. The smallest banner you can get is 2ft X 3ft, which translates to a medium-size rectangle. The next step up would be a 4ft X 4ft square. If you intend to hang it on the outside of a building you can adjust those dimensions to fit your needs, but it must remain a square. The standard measurements for an outdoor horizontal vinyl banner are 3ft X 10ft, while indoor horizontal vinyl banners measure 6ft X 2ft. The standard measurements for outdoor vertical indoor vinyl banners ideally measure around 4ft X 10ft, but not less than 4ft X 6ft. This makes for easy visibility for the hundreds of potential customers who walk or drive by your storefront every day.

Q: Does indoor vinyl banners follow the same set of protocols, when it comes to sizing, as the outdoor ones?


A: There is certainly nothing preventing you from choosing an outdoor banner for indoor use. Bur be aware the amount of available space will, and should, play a vital role in making that determination. Naturally, if your business lacks the interior space to accommodate the larger outdoor banners, it would be better to go with the ones designed for indoor use. Unless, of course, you’re willing to modify the outdoor banner to make it fit; which doesn’t make since when you think about it. A better option would be fo you to take a picture of the wall or place where you intend to hang the banner, and its measurements, we will be more than happy to help you find the best fit for your office.

Printastic Video Tip: Most Popular Banner Sizes- 2×4, 3×6 And A Giant 4×8

Q: What are the best criteria to follow when designing an exhibition banner?


A: Traditionally, it has been the practice of retailers and online web printers to let the customer choose from a list of standard size banners for use in things like exhibitions and tradeshows. However, this approach might not work so well, especially if you haven’t settled upon the venue or design. So, the best course of action would probably be to go with the standard exhibition banner, then make the appropriate adjustments accordingly. The most popular size for exhibition banners is 33” X 80”, or you could go with the 2’ X 5’9”. Table runners are also popular when you have a table/booth setup.

Q: Which standard size vinyl banners work best for hanging on mall walls?

window decal opaque new2

A: Anyone who has frequented a mall will tell you that most of the banners found there are vertical. They are placed that way to afford greater readability. This holds whether you’re promoting a sale, listing services, or introducing a new product line with all of its perks. So, making sure that it is visible to shoppers from their vantage point is paramount. So, we recommend the 4ft X 6ft or 2ft X 6ft size.

Q: What about decorative banners; is there a standard size for them?

A: Yes. Decorative banners that are hung, or inserted into walls should be proportionate to the size of the wall itself. This way they don’t look too overbearing. Also, decorative banners are usually. Standard measurements for square banners are 8ft X 8tf, 10ft X 10ft, and 12ft X 12ft. Rectangular banner range between 8ft X 6ft, 10ft X 8ft, and 12ft X 12ft.

Q: Is there a standard size for tournament vinyl banners?

Professional-Banners for outdoors

A: Actually, there are two. So, whether you place them inside or out, tournament vinyl banners look good in either their 6ft X 8ft or 3ft X 8ft sizes. The difference between tournament banners and other banners, however, is that tournament banners focus more on text content like time and place of the event. The two sizes should be sufficient for relaying the requisite information to the desired audience.

Q: What would be the ideal banner size for an ordinary occasion?

A: That would depend on the occasion, size of the venue, and the number of people you expect to attend. The size recommendation for things like weddings, baby showers, family reunions, birthdays, Christenings, etc., range from 3ft X 6ft to 4ft X 8ft. These sizes would be ideal for hanging on the venue wall, or the front of the celebrant’s table.

Q: What about larger events, like concerts?

A: Naturally, large events like concerts would require a larger banner so that it can be seen by those in the back. The standard measurement for a backdrop or band scrim is 6ft X 6ft. Outdoor events and large clubs may require an even larger banner. 8ft X 10ft for stage backdrops at large clubs, and 10ft X 12ft or 12ft X 15ft for outdoor events. However, some events are so huge they may require even larger banners, some in the range of 15ft x20ft, and 20ft X 25ft. These sizes are visible even if the event is held in a stadium. So, the larger the event, the larger the banner.

Q: When it comes to promoting my products, what criteria should I follow when it comes to banner sizes?

trade show booth design

A: This depends largely on where you want to promote your products. For example, if you intend to promote your products in a mall, then you should follow the size recommendations for that area. Wall banners that promote restaurants usually fall in the range of 8ft X 2ft or 10ft X 2ft for horizontals. For vertical vinyl wall banners, the standard measurements are 2ft X 8ft and 3ft X 10ft. These sizes are based on how well they showcase food proportionality, as well as pricing.

Q: Would a large vinyl banner be appropriate for a store opening?

temporary outdoor banner for restaurant inspiration

A: Definitely. The banner size at a grand opening could very well set the tone for success. The larger the banner, the bigger the impression it will make on your customers. The top three sizes rated most effective for grand openings are the Medium Rectangle (300cm X 250cm), leaderboard (728cm X 90cm), and the Wide Skyscraper (160cm X 500cm). Not only are these sizes ideal for grand openings, but they also work well for churches, non-profit organizations, schools, and businesses. Simply hang it in front of your store, or near your targeted audience.

Q: Is there a standard vinyl banner size for grand Coming Soon events?

A: Sure. Coming Soon banners are designed to hustle droves of customers to your store on grand opening day. You can apply the same criteria for regular store openings, but if your budget is a little tight and you’re forced to go small there are other options available that are sufficient for laying the groundwork for an awesome grand opening. For example, you might choose to go with the Small Skyscraper at 120cm X 240cm, or the Fat Skyscraper at 240cm X 400cm vinyl banner. There is absolutely nothing wrong with downsizing a little as long as the height and width meet the need.

Q: What is the ideal size for a small sale banner?

A: If you’re planing using a “50% off” or a big “Sale” sign as a banner you might want to go with the 12” X 12” dimensions. This is the most popular size for single-word signs or banners. Preferably, this type of sign is hung inside the store to catch the eye of active shoppers. If you prefer a rectangle instead, then you can modify the dimensions to something like a 12” X 14”.

Q: What options do I have should I decide to customize a banner to fit my size preferences?

tradeshow table runner example

A: There are several you’ll need to bear in mind when it comes to customizing a vinyl banner, like wall dimensions, text size, and designs. Your goal should be to strike the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. So make sure the wall dimensions where the banner is to be displayed are appropriate for the banner size you intend to purchase. For example, if you’re considering a rectangular banner, make sure that there is sufficient space for it to be displayed appropriately. For example, in a 10 sq ft booth, a 10ft horizontal banner would overpower such a tight space, leaving hardly any room for other marketing tools. On the other hand, a smaller, 4ft X 4ft, or 8ft X 4ft would strike the right balance and would avoid being overbearing.

Q: How can I be certain that I’m choosing the right size for my customized banner?

A: Understandably, there are no set criteria for customized vinyl banners. What usually happens is, you give the designer a certain size and he starts laying out the design. Size has a major bearing on presentation, so it would be unwise to just ask for a certain size just because you like it. Choose too large a size and your design could appear stretched and distorted. And the text is another thing; make it too large or too small and its attractiveness could be ruined. So, if it fits well in its intended space, and the design hasn’t been compromised in any way, and no is the image distorted, then you’ll know you have done a good job with the customization. Equally important is the text. It should be placed in a manner that leaves ample room for the grommet and webbing.

Q: Can you give me a few pointers on designing my outdoor vinyl banner?

A: When it comes to designing your outdoor vinyl banner you should aim for something vibrant and appealing. Think brilliant colors and sophisticated designs. Try adjusting the hue and saturation so that your banner remains visible in the brightest sunlight. Add contrasting colors when you want to highlight important things like phone numbers, email addresses, and websites. The human eye is drawn to details that are highlighted like this and engrains them in your memory. If you need more help with design concepts, BannerBuzz and BestOfSigns have a talented group of design specialists to design the right banner for you.

Q: How do I go about designing my indoor vinyl banner?

A: In contrast to outdoor banners, indoor banners benefit less from brilliant colors. But, during the design phase, extreme care should be taken when incorporating the effects room lighting will have on how well the colors blend. More often than not, a traditional design employing a combination of block text in black lettering on white background rates 78% more appealing than indoor designs employing the more brilliant colors. Naturally, you’ll want your indoor banner to display more detailed information than their outdoor counterpart. People browsing around on the inside of a store are more apt to stop and read the fine print than some walking or riding by. Make sure that the most important information is placed in the center, as the human eye has been trained to focus on the center of an object first. Again, if you’re serious about getting the most functional and the most eye-catching outdoor or indoor vinyl banner designs for your business or event, then check out BannerBuzz, or BestOfSigns. You won’t regret it!

Q: How big should the lettering be?

According to, “every 1 inch of letter height provides 10 feet of readability with the best impact”:

Letter Height (inches)Best Readable Distance (ft)Max. Readable Distance (ft)




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