Retractable banner stands (aka pull-up, pop-up, or stand-up stands) enable a single person to quickly set up a banner without any tools and are easily transported in a canvas carrying tote.

The portability of a banner is often overlooked. Especially if you prioritize ease of setup and transport, you might want to look into them. There are even tabletop styles that unfurl to promote your business atop a table.

Setting Retractable Banners Up

If you intend to make a presentation or advertise your products and services in a trade show, you can transit with these retractable banners with the utmost ease. Furthermore, assembling them requires no handyman specialist; it is a simple task that anyone can do.

BannerBuzz Styles

We’ve highlighted some of BannerBuzz’s and BestOfSign’s most popular retractable banner templates below. There are lots of other templates and sizes besides these- and remember you can design your own on their websites.

Customer Advice

  • One buyer said that they have used Banner Buzz for five years to make their Silverstep retractable display banners for their church. They bought the hardware once, and replace the banners continually; they order the banners with the Velcro option. Great quality, great price. Orders arrive on time.
  • Another reviewer said that Banner Buzz customer service is the best!! They are responsive and their follow-through is remarkable. The production turnaround is fast as well. And the quality of the product is always on point. They’ve found their go-to resource for all their signs and marketing material collateral.
  • Yet another buyer said that they purchased a replacement banner and some accessories for the fabric Silver Step. It looks great and was able to quickly switch out the banner…with the guidance of some YouTube videos.

BestOfSigns Styles

Customer Advice

  • One reviewer said that it was super easy to set up their retractable banner with a very nice print quality. It shipped fast. They advised other buyers to add your company name to your info for shipping as these come from India and International FedEx will not go to a business address without a business name.
  • Another reviewer said that designing the banner was easy. They obtained a support response within 24 hours with recommendations on the design layout. Confirmation was a breeze. It was fulfilled fast and excellent value for the price.
  • Yet another buyer provided a positive review, saying that this roller banner pop-up sign is straightforward to get standing and has excellent printing quality. They have bought many items including banner, a pop-up sign, and one-way vision window decals and each time they’re dazzled by the print quality, color matching, and final product. They are a small public library director and they do not have a ton of money to spend, so it’s excellent that they can buy professional-looking marketing materials on a shoestring budget. They highly recommend!

More Details

Just like the name suggests, this is a type of banner that you retract from its case whenever you need to make use of it. The banner upon removal from its case is placed on a smooth surface then vertically erected with the support of a backbone pole (Source) and base.

Purchase Considerations

While making a selection for the design of your retractable banner, there are some things that you should consider. Below, we’ll guide you through some common design considerations (Source):

  1. Versatility: Versatility is a value that good retractable banners should have. Go for a design that you can use for both indoor and outdoor purposes. As such, go for the best material available. Materials such as scrim vinyl are most appropriate for outdoor use, but there is no harm in using them for indoor purposes. Versatility may, in the future, save you the cost of having to create another banner for a differently placed but similar occasion. You might have an indoor trade show today but have the same event outdoor in the future. If your banner is versatile, you will not have to incur more costs. Furthermore, ensure that the stand you opt for can be used in both instances.
  2. Size: The size of your booth may dictate the size of your banner. Usually, the banner should occupy about one-third of your booth, but this is not a fixed affair; you can always adjust to your liking. Ensure the size is proportional to your booth to maintain your intended professional look.
  3. Readability and Visibility: The contents of your retractable banners should be both visible and readable. Your audience might not be willing to gamble with trying to make meaning out of the unreadable text and invisible images. Use the right font, preferably over 100 points and contrasting colors for clarity and visibility.
  4. Use Of Imagery: Images go a long way in attracting the attention of the audience. Attractive images will stir the interest of viewers and draw them to your booth. However, ensure that your pictures are high-quality. Blurry and low-quality images will make you pass as unprofessional. Consequently, you will not be accorded the corporate respect you deserve. The images should also relate to your message for clarity.
  5. Other Style Considerations: Your banner should tell it all! It should carry the whole weight of what your company or organization is all about. As such, incorporate your logo and possibly your company slogan. Furthermore, be keen to use your branding color; this gives you an identity.

Design Tips: Using Adobe Illustrator For A Restaurant Banner Design


Retractable banners wield lots of benefits that you will surely enjoy. Such could include:

Easily Portable

These banners can be collapsed or folded into something that you can carry around with ease. They save you the trouble of having to carry a heavy burden that may cause you to incur additional transport costs. Some of them are small to the extent that you can move them around in your backpack. Their stands can also be disassembled for ease of transporting.

Easy To Assemble

This type of banner is easy to put up for your presentation. You do not require any skill to assemble. After use, you can also collapse with ease. While some may have many pieces to put together, the process of assembling is easy.


A perfectly designed retractable banner is bound to send a professionalism message to your audience. This will cause them to accord you the necessary corporate respect, and hence you can influence them according to your wishes.

Creativity and innovation in your banner come in handy to complete the professional look that can significantly promote your business.

Easy To Store

With this type of banner, storage is not a bother. They occupy little space, and you will not have to worry about them getting wrinkles and creases. You roll them into small cylinders and put them in their carrier bags.

Easy To Customize

During the design process, you can dictate what appears on your banner. You can design them to portray your business as you please by adding your logos, slogans, and using your company’s colors.


During marketing campaigns, cost-cutting is prioritized whenever possible. These banners are a useful but relatively cheap way of advertising your products and services. Furthermore, if your piece is made of durable material, you cut on the cost of buying other banners in the future.


Retractable banners are usually made up of durable materials that give them a long life. A material such as vinyl can withstand harsh conditions and still last long. Furthermore, they do not fade or wear out quickly.

In case they get dirty or wet, you can always clean them up with ease.


These banners are effective in supporting your message in case you are making a presentation. They expound more on your message and at the same time, capture the attention of your audience.

In advertising, they effectively pass across your marketing messages to your audience.


Summing Up

A banner will not have served its purpose if you cannot transport it to the event or the location. Retractable banners are the most portable of all the banners that you can ever use. Their retractability feature makes them shrink in size so that you can travel with them easily.

Retractable banners are an essential strategy of marketing, as well as an effective way of presentation. If the banner is designed with the recommended considerations, the owner is bound to reap richly from it.

However, if the design is full of flaws, it may not pass the message as intended.


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