How To Make A DIY Birthday Banner + Examples


A birthday is an important, fun event and you’ll want decorations that reflect the festive, light-hearted vibe. For a customized and personalized touch on the decors, it is always advisable to create some of the decorations yourself. A DIY birthday banner is one of the easiest décors to make and a great addition to your special party. You should definitely try making one as a DIY project.

A Saucy Example

There are many ways to make a birthday banner  (check out some of these awesome birthday banner plans from Instructables), but we found the method explained in this post to be the easiest.

Materials needed

  • Solid color card stock
  • Patterned card stock
  • Alphabet and numerical stickers (Alternative- Marker)
  • A cotton thread
  • Decorative elements such as beads and curled ribbons
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Ruler and pencil
  • A hole punch

How To Make A Homemade Birthday Banner

1. Pick a message

For a birthday party, you can go for the conventional message ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ or customize it to match the details of the person celebrating it. You can, for example, include the name and age in the message.

Tip: Pick a short and concise message, preferably not more than 5 words. This will save on the materials and time required to make the décor piece.

2. Cut the solid color card stock

Your solid color cards will form the base where all other elements will be attached. The preferable shape for the card pieces on a birthday banner is a triangle, which you should focus on making. Use a ruler and a pencil to first make a mark along its centerline- getting banner measurements correct is crucial!

Cut along this line with scissors to make two halves. Repeat the same for the two halves but this time cut along the diagonal centerline to form triangular pieces.

Tip: Cut extra pieces than you need in case you will mess with some during gluing or sticking the letters.

3. Cut the patterned card stock and glue them on the solid card pieces

Use the procedure above to cut the patterned cards. When you get the triangular patterned pieces, cut them further into two halves so that a piece of these cards will cover only one-half of the solid color cards. Glue the patterned card pieces on the bottom part of the solid cards. The patterned cards should be cut in the exact same shape as the solid cards for a perfect fit.

Tip: Pick cards with a pattern that matches the central theme of the birthday party.

4. Label, punch and string the card pieces

Use the remaining space on the solid color card pieces to stick your alphabetical and numerical stickers. If you don’t have the stickers, use a marker pen to write your message letters and numerical on the card pieces. After labeling, arrange them to correctly read your message and punch them close to the upper edge. String them in this order using the cotton thread you picked.

Tip: Use a ruler when labeling and punching so that all the pieces will look similar.

5. Add decorative elements to the blank spaces

Glue any blank space on the almost complete banner pieces, then stick your decorative elements. You can use any decorative feature, whether beads or curled ribbons. You also have the freedom to glue them in any pattern as long as they are not interfering with your message.

Tip: Keep the decorative elements at a minimum so that they don’t interfere with your primary message.

At this step, your banner is ready and all you need to do is find a strategic place to hang it with grommets. Hang the banner on an easily seen location, probably on the front wall of the room where the birthday is being held. Check out our homemade baby shower banners for added inspiration. Enjoy your birthday party!


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