How To Make A DIY Garage Sale Sign


Have you thought of making a DIY yard sign for your upcoming garage sale? You are in the right place. In this post, we discuss an easy procedure you can follow to make your own garage sale signs. Follow through to understand how you will optimally customize the signs to match what your garage sale is all about. You can also check out some of these free garage sale sign poster templates from Canva if you want something done fast that you can print from home!

Materials needed

How To Make A Homemade Garage Sale Sign

1. Pick the poster boards you need to use

The number of poster boards you will use depend on the number of spots you are looking to erect the complete signs. Make sure that all the poster boards you pick are large enough and brightly colored (popping colors such as bright pink and orange would be appropriate for this purpose). Let’s have a look at what to include on each of the signs in the following steps.

2. Start with the words ‘GARAGE SALE’ (Use a black marker)

This is the conventional way of informing viewers that you are not holding any other type of sale but a garage sale. ‘GARAGE SALE’ should be written in capital letters and with a wide end marker so that it is sufficiently visible.

3. Provide the date and time details (Use a blue marker)

This is a very crucial piece of information as it helps the potential buyers to sufficiently prepare for the sale. Include the exact date and time you will hold the garage sale. Example ‘July 2- July 5, 8.00 AM to 5.00 PM’. To support this, erect the signs before the sale is on, preferably a week before, and immediately remove them when the sale is over.

4. Include location details (use a red marker)

Here, you need to be very specific and correct not to mislead your potential buyers. Please include the exact location you are looking to establish your garage sale and support the information with a known landmark in your area.

5. Add large arrows (use a black marker)

If the location you are holding the garage sale is near a major road, directional arrows will come in handy. Right after the location details, draw large arrows with the head of the arrow pointing the direction of your garage sale’s site.

6. Include the items you are selling (use a purple marker)

A concise section of the items you are selling in your garage sale can be included in the signs to give viewers an idea of what they will get. You can, for example, write ‘furniture, artwork and camping gear’, etc. Let this be the last section on your garage sale signs.

7. Wrap the signs with a protecting sheet

Your garage signs will obviously be exposed to harsh environmental elements and you need to add a top protecting layer; bag, or sheet to all the signs you make. The protective sheet will, for example, keep the signs dry even during wet weather conditions.
Your signs are ready for placement!

Additional tips on placement: Please understand what your local regulations say about the placement of garage sale signs so that you know the right place to set them up. For firm placement, go for wooden stands and erect them individually. You can also tape the signboards on a similar shape box, or a DIY banner stand, then support them with a rock. Despite your posting method, make sure that they are visible and firmly placed. If you are running a garage sale every week, maybe upgrade your signage with an eye-catching pole banner, or even a feather flag banner that will sway in the wind!


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