How To Make A DIY Banner Stand


Need a quick DIY banner stand to display your retractable banner or pole banner? Check out the video above and the instructions below to enhance your outdoor advertising!

Parts Required

  1. Two 3/4’’ PVC schedule 40, 10 feet long
  2. Two 3/4’’ 90-degree elbows
  3. Two 3/4’’ tee fittings
  4. Two 3’ long rebar pieces

Optional feet parts needed

  1. Two 3/4’’ tee fittings
  2. Four 3/4’’ PVC pipe 12-18’’ long
  3. Four 3/4’’ end caps


  1. Tape measurer
  2. Hacksaw with the fine-tooth blade or PVC ratcheting pipe cutter.
  3. The length of the banner stand will determine the measurements of the parts needed. In our case, we will be making a 3’ by 5’ banner stand.


Fit an elbow on the PVC to test how long the pipe goes in the fittings. Be very careful as this measurement will be used to determine where to cut the PVC pipe from. In most cases, the pipe will have a 9/16’’ of an inch in the fitting. As you measure it is good to add an allowance of 2’’ for the height and width to cater for the part that will be inside the slide fitting.

Have a plan of the finished vinyl sign stand height and widths and the method you will use to mount the banner. These are the factors that will affect your frame measurements. It will also reduce wastage.

Determine each measurement before cutting. In our sample, we will cut 120’’ long in the following manner; 62’’ pieces will be used for the bottom and top frame, 38’’ long for right and left sides and finally 20’’ long will be used as risers to keep the frame above the ground. They can be attached to the optional feet or slip over rebar.

Now make marks of the cuts using a tape measure and make the cuts with the provided tools.

Assemble the frame

The easiest way to assemble it is by putting every section on the ground. The connectors placed next to each end will be simpler to assemble than when the frame is standing. At the end of the horizontal pipe, place an elbow (the 62’’ long). Place the ‘’ T’’ fitting on the other horizontal pipe in such a way that the pipe is inserted into the vertical part of the letter “T”.

On the end where you have assembled a “T” fitting, insert one of the vertical pipes, (38’’ long) repeat the procedure for the remaining parts. Riser pipes (20’’) should be put in the open end of the ’’T’’ fitting.


Rebar stakes can be used as support for outdoor events to display step and repeat banners. Add a base or feet for indoor and outdoor events on a hard surface. If you’re in a place with strong wind, use cans and add concrete to make a stable base then slide the banner in. You can also use a heavier weight on the legs and back to support the banner stand.

To disassemble the banner stand is easy, it is advisable to leave the fittings intact for next time easier assembly.

These DIY banner stand displays can be used for outdoor and even indoor, traditional banner advertising.


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