3 Ways To Make A Run Through Breakaway Football Banner


When celebrating a great win, nothing is better than running through a great banner in a moment of victory, which is why they are used all around the world in celebrations. Be it the end of a long title run, and the winner gets to run through the banner, or maybe the end of a football game where an entering or victorious team run through a football breakaway banner, people all around the world love them. Simply, because they are great.

How To Make A DIY Breakaway Banner

If you would like to make your very own banner for when your team needs it then you can get it done in a variety of ways.

Making A Paper Breakaway Banner

Another choice that you might take when making a breakaway banner, is paper. Paper is a great option for one-use banner (as opposed to custom vinyl banners that are intended for long-term use) that will be only used on one occasion. Paper is great for run-through banners as it is very customizable- you can buy some from Amazon.

You can draw or print your own design on paper very easily at a far cheaper price than any alternative. All you must do is take to wooden poles and wrap then staple or superglue the paper to the rods securely.

It is also a good idea to take a small pin and make lots of small holes in the banner, this way when people run through it, it minimalizes the chance of anyone or anything getting stuck, and it will make the banner rip far more easily.

Making A Cloth Breakaway Banner

One example is a cloth banner, this often looks better, and also breaks better than some of the alternatives. You can simply get 2, 4 or in some cases, for big banners, even more pieces of material.

You must make sure that there is a print that works when all of them are put together, this could be the logo for the football team that you’re supporting or the name of an event.

Whatever it is, it must fit together when all of the fabric banner pieces of material are put together. You can attach the separate parts with small safety pins that rip through the end of the material, this is only viable if the material is threaded and easily ripped.

Making A Velcro Breakaway Banner

Using Hook and Loop Tape to Make Reusable Banners

An alternative is Velcro that is loosely fit together, this is a great choice if you would like the banner to be used on multiple occasions with minimal risk of damage.

A victorious and dramatic entrance to a pitch is just made perfect with a breakthrough banner which is why they are so popular. When you have made your banner, you must stretch it from one side of the entrance to the other to make a wide space where the players can run through.

Breakthrough banners are great, they instill confidence and a sense of pride amongst the teams and fans alike, so it is no doubt why they are used all around the world for many different types of events. Even though we usually write about business banners like window clings– a football run-through banner definitely fits the category!


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